Trenton Mayor-elect Eric E. Jackson unveils Transition plans

1613916_385941814878568_4666782843803851116_nMayor-elect Eric E. Jackson has unveiled his Transition website that announces his Transition Team and gives a heads-up on upcoming community forums in July. Trenton residents, community leaders, and business owners will be encouraged to give input to the Mayor-elect on what priorities for the City should look like.

The Transition website also details the Inaugural itinerary for the week of June 30, 2014. Mayor-elect Jackson has made certain there is something for everyone.

Finally, in addition to community forums, individuals are welcome to express their views on public safety, education, health, public works, parks/recreation and many more issues. Click here and identify those issues where you wish to give your opinions to the Mayor-elect. Also, there is a link where you may upload your resume should you be interested in working for the City of Trenton.

Mayor-elect Eric Jackson will officially take office on July 1 at noon.

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