End of an era: Bocchini readies for retirement after decades in law

Rider Alcohol PoisoningTRENTON — Paul Mickle (Trentonian) Joseph L. Bocchini Jr. is proud of his status as the only Mercer County prosecutor in history to serve two full five-year terms as the top law enforcement officer for New Jersey’s capital region.

And following decades as a bachelor, Bocchini is beaming with joy after getting married on Friday evening to the woman who has been his patient and faithful companion.

First appointed by Gov. Jim McGreevey in August 2003, Bocchini has survived Dick Codey as acting governor, won reappointment by Jon Corzine and has continued in office for four years under the only Republican in the lot, Gov. Chris Christie.

He’ll serve at the pleasure of the governor, of course, and as he sparred in place and spoke of losing 20 pounds recently Bocchini said, “It’s not like I don’t have the desire and energy to continue.”

But he is 70 years old now and looking forward to retirement after what will be 11 full years in office on Aug. 8. Bocchini has not hidden his support for his longtime legal lieutenant, Angelo Onofri, to replace him as Mercer’s top cop. But he said the choice will be strictly up to Christie, whom the veteran Democrat called a friend. And that’s why so many from all backgrounds today call Joe Bo a friend.

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