Pfizer to Inject Youth Into the Aging Process

JULY 15, 2014
(NY Times) Acronyms seem to be growing more prevalent in the vernacular, among them BOGO, for buy one, get one; YOLO, you only live once; and FOMO, fear of missing out. To that list, the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer hopes to add FOGO, a.k.a. fear of getting old.

Pfizer — No. 51 on the Fortune 500, with revenue last year of $53.8 billion — is promulgating FOGO as it refocuses an initiative, carrying the theme “Get old,” that was introduced in 2012. The initiative, intended to stimulate conversations on subjects like aging and longevity of life, is being augmented, beginning on Wednesday, with additional content that is online and on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Signaling this push are the introduction of a hashtag, #FOGO, and a decision by Pfizer to bring in Huge, an agency that specializes in digital advertising, to create and produce the new content. (The original work was created by SS&K in New York.)

images“Conquer your fears of getting old at,” consumers will be urged. “Fear less. Live longer.” There is also a “#FOGO Quiz” that offers this advice: “It’s time to tell the truth about aging. The less you fear it, the more you’ll enjoy it. In fact, it can be the best time of your life. So join us and get old with a new attitude.” Pfizer is spending about $3 million a year on the “Get old” initiative, which is meant to help burnish the Pfizer image rather than promote Pfizer prescription drugs or over-the-counter products. It is only lightly branded, carrying small advisories that read, “Brought to you by Pfizer.”

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