AARP’s Slightly More Mature Ins and Outs List

By Jeannine LaRue

An interesting read for the onset of 2018…if you believe in “what’s hot and what’s not’… is AARP’s Ins and Outs List.  If you’re blessed enough to wake up January 1st, you’re headed to one more birthday into the privileged circle of aging.  AARP’s Kathleen Fifield has fashionably charted a myriad of fads/practices held as trendy in 2017 now thought to no longer to be “in” for 2018.Multi-ethnic senior women meditating

In the area of fitness, all-cardio training has been bounced for weight training. A blood pressure reading of 140/90 has been replaced by 130/80.  Here’s one that surprised me a bit…no longer covering up the gray but donning the silver fox look is the “in” thing for 2018. Oh…and out is Death Sex…in is Killer Sex. Fifield says, “New research shows you won’t die from even the most enthusiastic of lovemaking…”

Treat yourself…whether you’re 55+ or just for kicks want to see what’s in and out for those of us who have reached the golden age…take a peek at the list.

Source: AARP

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