13 Year Old Turns Education About African Heritage Into An Arts and Crafts Business

Thinking about starting a business as a youth these days reaches farther into the creative realm than a lemonade stand or mowing lawns. Children today are discovering ways to educate and make a difference in how the story is told and sold.

Kailmah McKeaverMeet Kalimah McKeaver, 13, founder & CEO of Dinkra Stylez, LLC and The Kid Griot. Dinkra Stylez is the world’s first craft design firm with the mission of educating its clients about African Heritage through the creation of fun, colorful, and engaging products. The idea and inception of starting this business arose when Kalimah couldn’t find engaging resources to complete a school project on the Ancient Empires of Ghana. The research materials were very dull and boring and did not peak her interest at all. She was however very fascinated with the content she read and discovered. She wanted to ensure others would have access to the rich and inspirational history she was uncovering, but in a more fun, colorful, and engaging manner. At that moment Dinkra Stylez was born.

Source: BlackNews

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