“Me Too” Didn’t Start With Alyssa Milano

“As for not getting the credit for her work right off the bat, Burke says she sees the oversight as a symptom of “people not doing enough due diligence.” She does not place blame on anyone in particular—though she notes that “black women are often erased” from the narrative—and says that just having this nationwide conversation is a win.” Tarana Burke


Over the past months, women around the world have rallied around the hashtag #MeToo to say that they too have been sexually harassed or assaulted. The two-word statement was made viral by Alyssa Milano, who spoke out in the wake of allegations that her long-time Charmed colleague, Rose McGowan, has been raped by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein (he denies McGowan’s claims).

Tarana Burke_editedBut while Milano is the catalyst for #MeToo’s current Twitter moment, community organizer Tarana Burke is the original creator of the hashtag.

Source: Fortune/Valentina Zarya

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