50 Years After 3 Students Died In South Carolina Civil Rights Protest, Survivors Still Ask “Why?”

By Jim Morrill

On that cold February night, hundreds of students from South Carolina State University had gathered on campus for a third night of protests in the small town of Orangeburg.

Facing them were dozens of S.C. highway patrolmen backed by National Guard troops.

Sophomore Carolyn Lloyd was moving toward the front of the tense crowd when she heard the shots.

“It lit up the area just as if it were daylight,” recalls Lloyd, who began running and screaming in the ensuing chaos.

Senior Thomas Kennerly first thought they were warning shots. Then he heard the screams.

Orangeburg MassacreHe hit the ground, finally getting up to help carry a wounded student to safety. Only later did he realize he was bleeding himself, having been hit by three shotgun pellets.

Source: The Charlotte Observer

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