Enslavement To Emancipation Tour Launches In Savannah

By Romney Smith, Anchor/Reporter

The Massie Heritage Center has launched a new program as part of its Black History month efforts.

The Massie Heritage Center highlights education across Georgia, and the newest exhibit, “Enslavement to Emancipation” focuses on the efforts to educate black Americans. Rachel Bradshaw works at the Massie Heritage Center and says the more they learned during research, employees knew they had to share it.

“It’s always important to highlight all parts of Savannah’s Heritage, but at Massie Heritage Center in particular, with this new exhibit that we’ve opened, we feel the responsibility to show all parts of Savannah’s History, especially the lesser known parts,” Bradshaw said.

SlavesThe newest Massie Heritage Tour starts with a classroom lesson on different figures that established secret schools to educate slaves. It also highlights various efforts to educate newly freed slaves. One hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation, Savannah integrated schools in 1963 with the group now known as the “Savannah Seven” who were selected to attend the all-white Savannah High School.

Source: WTOC.com

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