Fruits Dogs Can Eat

Not all foods are created equally, and this is especially true for the different kinds of foods that you feed your dog. In human diets, fruits are held in high regard. When feeding Fido, you need to remember that there are fruits dogs can eat and fruits that are toxic to our canine companions.

For humans, fruits are seen as a great source of natural and easily digestible natural sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, and they just plain old taste good. But, can the same be true for canines? The short answer is yes, but not all fruits are safe for dogs.

Much like in humans, fruits have the potential to positively effect a dog’s health. However, just like with many other human foods, there are some fruits that are not easily digested by canines, while some can be even toxic to dogs and will be fatal (like grapes).

Can dogs eat fruitThen there’s also the amount of sugars contained within fruit. Most humans don’t need to worry about the amount of natural sugars in every single fruit we eat, barring the person doesn’t have a metabolic condition like diabetes. Since we will be giving the dogs the fruits, we need to watch how much of it we give as some fruits contain so much sugar that, were moderation not practiced, would end up compromising the health of the dog.

Source: Top Dog Tips

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