“My America Too” This Iowa TV Reporter Is The First To Wear a Hijab On Air In The U.S.

By Courtney Crowder

Tahera Rahman whispers the lines of her script as the Local 4 newsroom bustles around her.

With a few minutes until the 6 p.m. newscast, Rahman may as well be in a bell jar: just her, the crisply folded paper in her hands and her unwavering mission to deliver that night’s top story.

A similar scene was no doubt playing out in local newsrooms across the country. But at the Quad Cities’ WHBF-TV, the ripples of a history-making event were still being felt.

tahera rahmanWith a few seconds to air, Rahman blots her lipstick and secures a runaway piece of hair under her bright white hijab. She straightens the decorative lace cascading down from the headscarf and gently nestles her microphone into its crochet work.

Source: Des Moines Register

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