Once Bullied, 11 Year Old Girl Now Inspires Girls To Love The Skin They’re In

By Danielle Genet and Catherine Thorbecke

Meet the 11-year-old philanthropist and entrepreneur who is collecting and donating dolls of color to little girls in need, telling ABC News that she wanted to “let little brown girls know that their image is beautiful.”

Zoe Terry, 11, and her mother, Nakia Bowling, launched the nonprofit “Zoe’s Dolls” in 2011 when Zoe was just 5 years old. The group gives out dolls of color to young girls whose families may not otherwise be able to afford them.

Zoe and her dolls“I started Zoe’s Dolls when I was 5 years old because at that time, I was bullied because the color of my skin and because my hair was so puffy,” Zoe told ABC News.

Source: ABC News

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