Vail Film Festival Announces “Love Wins” TO Be An Official Selection. Film Festival Runs April 5th -8th 2018

Love Wins is a half-hour documentary that tells the story of two women, Jan (83) and Emily (87), who met and fell in love during a time when doing so was strictly taboo.  During this time they raised a family of 3 children, while living in suburban New Jersey, completely in the closet. They’d travel to Provincetown each year, where for one week would be able to live their true lives.  Their story has many layers to it, not the least of which is that Jan met Emily while Emily was working with Jan’s husband! 

 Their compelling and at times, humorous story gives a fascinating look in to how gay couples lived double lives, fearing being “outted.”

 After 45 years of living that double life, Jan and Emily finally got married, once marriage equality passed as law in New Jersey and now both women are community activists and proud flag-waving members of the social movement that changed the course of history.


Robin Kampf is an award-winning writer, producer, director, cinematographer and editor with several years of experience in non-fiction documentary and news/features production.

Robin began her career in TV production working in local news and features while managing a team of producers for a local TV station. She has also worked in locations and management on several feature films including “Presumed Innocent”, “Bonfire of the Vanities”, “Jacobs Ladder”, among others.

Robin was recognized by the National Academy of Cable Programmers with 4 National Ace awards for producing as well as receiving “Producer of the Year” from the New Jersey State Cable Television Association. Robin also produced several award winning public affairs programs for the New Jersey Secretary of State’s Office and the 10th Annual Governor’s Awards Television program airing live from the State Theater in New Brunswick.

Robin KampfShe currently has owned and operated her own video production company working in all facets of production in cable, broadcast and corporate television. Robin continues to serve as an adjunct practitioner professor teaching studio and field production and editing at several notable colleges and Universities in the tri-state area.

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