What A Lifetime Of Playing Football Can Do To The Human Brain

By Brian Resnick

Football isn’t just a contact sport — it’s a dangerous game based on massive bodies colliding into one another. And while it may seem obvious that this sport can do extraordinary damage to brains and bodies, it’s taken a shockingly long time for the NFL, the medical community, and football fans to fully reckon with this.

There’s no question that the legacy — and threat — of brain injuries will haunt this Sunday’s Super Bowl match between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.Football and brains

The Patriots’ star tight end, Rob Gronkowski, was only cleared earlier this week for play after sustaining a concussion in the NFL Conference Championships win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on January 21. On game day, the NFL will have in place four concussion specialists around the field to ensure player safety. Even halftime performer Justin Timberlake told reporters his 3-year-old son will never play football, though it wasn’t entirely clear if he was joking.

Source: VOX

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