73 Teens Shot To Death In The 37 Days Since The Parkland Massacre

By Nick Wing

Life was only just beginning for Daekwon Tobar. At 17, the South Bend, Indiana, teen was starting to figure out some of the keys to success in the adult world: good eye contact, a firm handshake and a confident tone of voice.5ab5715c1e000008087af9b5

Daekwon was still in school, but he wanted to be a welder when he completed his education, his family said. With a mentor teaching him how to write a cover letter and fill out a résumé to help him stand out from the pack, people who knew Daekwon had high hopes for a young man coming into his own.

But on Feb. 17, Daekwon was gunned down in broad daylight as he walked home from the store with his grandmother. He suffered gunshot wounds to the leg, hip and head.

Source: HuffPost

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