Thousands Registered To Vote At Anti Gun March

Voter registration activists fanned out among throngs of young Americans who marched for tighter gun laws on Saturday, signing up thousands of first-time voters who want to eject lawmakers who oppose gun control.

With mid-term Congressional elections eight months away, the activists flocked to some 800 marches across the country to register young voters likely to back Democratic and independent candidates who tend to favor tougher firearms laws.

In Washington, volunteers for the HeadCount voter-registration effort raised their fists and chanted “demonstration without registration leads to frustration” before heading out with clipboards to sign up some of the nation’s newest voters.

March for our lives 2“Parkland’s Emma Gonzalez called for more Americans to vote and that is why Headcount is here today,” volunteer Aaron Ghitelman, 26, said of the student who along with classmates forged a national, youth gun control movement following the Feb. 14 massacre at her high school in Parkland, Florida.


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