No Smoking Allowed In Philadelphia Public Housing Unit..Ban Starts April 9th

By Parker Riley

If you or someone you know lives in public housing in Philadelphia, there are only a few more days to smoke cigarettes in the housing unit. According to CBS in Philly, starting Monday, the housing authority says the smoke-free policy applies to all units.

In July of last year, Philadelphia banned smoking outside of public housing units. But this new policy includes smoking inside of the house or apartment and after the fourth violation, there would be an eviction.

Public HousingPhiladelphia Housing Authority President and CEO Kelvin A. Jeremiah said via a statement, “The goal of the smoke-free policy and procedures is not to evict individuals and families. It is actually to provide additional support for cessation, to identify smoking as a real risk to health and safety. Managers and other employees will not be serving as the smoking police.” Reportedly, there have been a number of fires in housing units due to cigarettes.

Source: NewsOne

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