Single Mom Of 5 Graduates Law School, Becomes Social Media Inspiration

By Jessie Miller

Ieshia Champs will be graduating magna cum laude from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law in May. But it’s how she did it that has thousands of people talking.

Champs is a single mother to five children. A photo of her with her children proclaiming, “We did it” has caused a positive wave of congratulatory likes, shares and messages from people all over the country by way of social media.

Champs said she thought she was just taking a photo with her children. She said she didn’t send the photo to anyone, and she credits her story’s reach to God.

“Lord, you’re Just so good to me and I know this is (your) doing because I didn’t send this photo to not one person! God is so real! I wish everyone would just witness His love and power,” Champs wrote on a Facebook post.

According to a report, Champs has faced adversity since childhood, when she bounced around the foster care system, dropped out of high school and eventually had her first child at age 19.

GraduationShe overcame that adversity and went on to graduate from a community college. She announced her goal of going to law school in a Facebook post nearly five years ago.

Source: News Channel 10

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