Man’s Act Of Kindness On Plane Goes Viral

By Caitlin O’Kane

An Arkansas mom says her first trip on an airplane with her two kids started out in a panic, but ended in with a heartwarming story of kindness. Jessica Rudeen was flying alone with her 3-year-old, Caroline, and her 4-month-old, Alexander, on an American Airlines flight from Arkansas to North Carolina, with a layover in the middle.

Rudeen didn’t have time to feed the baby before the flight and says he began screaming as they boarded the plane. Shortly after her son began crying, his toddler sister threw a temper tantrum, as kids often do.

“My 3 year old, who was excited before boarding the plane, lost her nerve and began screaming and kicking ‘I want to get off the plane! I don’t want to go!’ I honestly thought we’d get kicked off the plane,” Rudeen wrote on Facebook after the trip.

Man's act of Kindness 2As Rudeen tried to calm her children down, the passenger seated next to them stepped in to help.

Source: CBS News

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