California Judge Will Lose His Job Over 6-Month Sentence In Stanford Sexual Assault Case

By Madison Pauly

Two years after former Stanford University student Brock Turner was sentenced to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, voters in Santa Clara County, California, voted to recall the judge who sentenced him.

Judge Aaron Persky of the Santa Clara County Superior Court will be promptly replaced by Cindy Hendrickson, an assistant district attorney who supported the recall effort. It is the first successful recall of a California judge since 1932.

Early results on Tuesday night showed that 59 percent of voters opted to recall Persky, while 41 percent voted to keep the judge. “Tonight’s results mirror what we heard while we were out talking to voters,” Recall Persky campaign chair Michele Dauber said in a statement. “We are thankful for our supporters and every person who donated their time—it truly made a difference.”

Source: Mother Jones

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