Identical Twin Valedictorians Headline New Jersey High School Graduation

By Michelle Charlesworth

There was a remarkable high school graduation in New Jersey Thursday, with not one, but two valedictorians on stage at Woodbridge High’s commencement.

By coincidence, they’ll be going to the same university this fall. Perhaps not by coincidence, they happen to be identical twin brothers.

Malik and Miles George both earned almost perfect SAT scores and have A-plus grade averages, and the first doubles tennis partners and lovers of science research shared top-of-the-class honors.

Miles and Malik, who is exactly 11 minutes older, insist they do their best because that is what their mom and dad do. And it’s fitting that on 06/2018, the couple celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Malik and Miles were both accepted with scholarships at five schools, including Harvard, but they chose MIT.

Source: ABC News

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