Black Lawmaker Blasts Judge For Disparities In Sentencing Based On Race

By Kia Morgan-Smith

A white judge’s racial disparity in sentencing people of color caused a Black Wisconsin state senator to issue a scathing lecture to the judge who gave a lenient sentence to an admitted white rapist.

Alec Cook,  a 22-year-old former University of Wisconsin-Madison student was handed a light-weight three year prison sentence by Judge Stephen Ehlke for raping three female students.

Cook pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting three women, as well as stalking and choking two others, WGN 9 reported.

However, when it came to the case of a 16-year-old black teen, Adore Thomas, the same judge issued a heavy-handed sentence of 20 years for sexual assaulting one woman. According to Atlanta Black Star, Senator Lena Taylor blasted the judge for the obvious racial bias.

Source: The Grio

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