Democrat National Committe Chose The First Indian American As CEO

By Shivangi

The decision-making institute of the Democratic Party in the US named as The Democratic National Committee (DNC), has chosen Indian American Seema Nanda to become its new CEO and handle the party’s day-to-day operations, making her the first from the community to be named an operational head of a key American political party.

“At present Seema Nanda is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights which is the largest human and civil rights organization in the US. Later in July Nanda will handle the new position”, the DNC said in a press release on Friday.

With the position of a CEO, Nanda’s major duties will be regarding the management of the day-to-day activities and operations of the organization. “The DNC coordinates strategy to support the party’s candidates throughout the country for local, state and national office.
As mid-term elections continue and the 2020 elections draw closer, hiring the management-oriented Nanda is a move away from more explicitly political executives who have led the troubled party in the past”, Politico reported.

Source: All India Roundup

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