In 2013 He Walked Away From Shark Tank Without A deal. February 2018 He Sold His Company for $1.2 Billion

By Brian Warner

In November 2013, an aspiring entrepreneur named Jamie Siminoff appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his product DoorBot. DoorBot was pitched as a wifi-enabled “video doorbell” that synced up to the user’s smartphone allowing them to see who was ringing their door in real time. A pretty simple concept actually. Although if successful, DoorBot seriously threatened to make doorbell-ditch a very difficult game to play.

The DoorBot also came equipped with a burglary-deterrent feature that allowed users to pretend they were in the house when they actually weren’t. When Jamie appeared on the show he was already doing around $1 million in annual sales. A very impressive small business. He was seeking an investment to take his product to the next level.

Source: Celebrity Net Woth

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