LeBron James New Sneakers Designed For Women By Women

By Natalie Weiner

 LeBron James looked like he might have been heading to the locker room before a NBA playoff game. He was wearing one of his Twitter-inflaming Thom Browne shorts suits and sunglasses (indoors, at night), with long socks pulled up high for a sporty finish.

But as James stood on a Lower East Side stage just before the official launch of New York Fashion Week, there was one important addition to the countless resulting photos. As he held his remarkably composed three-year-old daughter Zhuri in his arms, James explained why the new LeBron 16 sneaker for women was so important to make — and why the process by which they were made was so important, too.

“I was thinking about the African American woman, and why I believe they’re the most powerful women in the world,” James began, before speaking about his mother Gloria, his wife Savannah — both sitting at a table near the front, wearing the new sneaker — and his daughter.

Source: sbnation.com

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