Despite recovery from brain surgery…this civic-minded woman fought for her right to vote!

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DISCLAIMER: I write this post with the full encouragement and permission of my childhood friend, and her daughter,  On Tuesday, Sue Fuller Cooper (with the help of her daughter) fought for her right to vote…and won!!!

Sue has been one of my closest friends for over 60 years. We attended the same elementary school…same high school…and same college. She made the gowns for my first wedding in 1969 and never took a dime for her time and talents.

Last month, a couple of weeks before her 68th birthday, Sue was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery to have it removed. While I was devastated, she made it clear that she’s lived the best life ever and vowed to live every single day forward…one day at a time…with joy and purpose. But…that’s how Sue has always lived her life.

Sue’s surgeon successfully removed her tumor and she required physical therapy to regain her mobility. Therapy had been going well…until…Sue realized Tuesday was Election Day and she could not vote!!! Well…those of you on my page who know Sue…also know she!!!

She called me to complain and asked how she could force the rehab staff to let her be released for a few minutes to go vote and return to her bed. I was adamant…”Sue, it is NOT going to happen! Do not get yourself worked up about this.”

Well, much to my surprise, late that night I saw photos in my newsfeed… photos of Sue…fully dressed…in a wheelchair with a sticker that said “I voted.” And…you DON’T want to know how she did it! LOL

Let’s give my good friend a cyberspace handclap for exercising her right to vote. Please keep her in your prayers as she heals and gets stronger. Sue is part of the wind beneath my wings!

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