First DACA Recipient To Be Named Rhodes Scholar

This year’s list of U.S. Rhodes Scholars is remarkable for many reasons; almost two thirds of the recipients are women and nearly half are first-generation Americans or immigrants. But one scholarship winner especially made history this year. Harvard University student Jin Park has become the first DACA recipient – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – to earn a Rhodes Scholarship.

Park, 22, arrived in New York City with his parents from South Korea when he was 7 years old and grew up in Queens, N.Y. Park is currently a senior at Harvard working towards a degree in molecular and cellular biology with a minor in ethnicity, migration, and rights. Thanks to the Rhodes Scholarship, Park will continue his studies at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England next year.

“I’ve proposed two master’s degrees for my studies at Oxford: one in migration studies, the other in global health science and epidemiology,” Park says “I want to do those two degrees and come back and hopefully work in the context of public health department … [to] implement evidence-based policies to improve and work on immigrant health.”

Source: 2019

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