Over 400 Black Women Are Running In The Midterms. Meet 5 Who Could Make History

By Brittany Packnett

Growing up as a young woman who aspired to change the world, my political role models were few and far between. My mom was just 14 when Shirley Chisholm became the first black woman elected to Congress in 1968; since then, only 38 black women have had seats in the House of Representatives and only two have ever been U.S. Senators.

I always thought that when it comes to politics, black women can run for office but rarely win. That message was so emblazoned in my mind that decades later, when someone casually floated the idea that I run for Secretary of State in my home state of Missouri, my first thought was “I can’t win statewide,” and moved on to the plate of pasta in front of me, never to consider it again. Why would I?

Despite the fact that I was already an activist, an executive director, and an Obama appointee, our country’s current standing told me that a statewide office might not be in the cards for me just yet. In the 242 years of our history, no black woman has ever been governor. No matter how much you might like Michelle Obama and Auntie Oprah, never have we elected a statewide top executive who looks like them. This year we might finally change that.

Source: Yahoo News

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