Teacher Brings Clippers To School To Give Students Free Haircuts on Graduation Day

A 5th grade teacher woke up the morning of his students’ Moving on Ceremony — at which they say goodbye to elementary school — and had a feeling that they were going to need a little extra help looking polished for their big day, on June 12.

“I just had this gut feeling that some of my boys weren’t going to be able to get a haircut, so I instinctively picked up the clippers,” Robert Dunham, who is in his first year as a 5th grade teacher at Carver Elementary School, Richmond, Va, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “My wife says to me ‘where you going with those clippers?’ and I said ‘something tells me some of my students are going to need a trim.’”

Dunham knew he made the right decision when his students began arriving. He took out his clippers and started trimming.

Source: E-Radio.USa

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