About Us

LaRuelist Report (LL) is built on a Village concept of connecting our community one person at a time. LL wasfounded by Jeannine Frisby LaRue in 1997 as a simple email distribution list of 50 women executives in Essex County, New Jersey for the sole purpose of keeping them abreast of events and issues in the surrounding areas.

Jeannine LaRue, founder of LaRuelist Report.

Jeannine LaRue, founder of LaRuelist Report.

This non-partisan blog has now blossomed into a national diverse audience of men and women of all ethnic people, cross socio-economic lines, gender orientation/preference, and generational groups and is co-authored and operated by Maria Barlow, a retired federal government official. Topics covered on this site will span the gamut of politics, technology, human interest, entertainment, and professional development.

We’d like to categorize ourselves as promoters of thought leaders and a site that not only encourages citizens to think outside of the box…but actually propels them to do so. Welcome to our Village…and feel free to email us your ideas at info@laruelist.com